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12 Gadgets to Improve Your Time on the Water

DATE POSTED:March 22, 2023

As watersports enthusiasts, we are also boaters, and so we’re always on the lookout for things to make life easier, simpler or more enjoyable on the water—preferably all three. Of course, finding those things in the ever-changing sea of consumer-driven mania can be tough to do, which is why we went out searching for you. Below you’ll find an assortment of items, from advanced tech gadgets such as a Garmin smartwatch and an emergency satellite beacon, to the simple, such as a towel or hammock. Take a look and see if one (probably more) can be of use to you.

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Wakesurfing is a ton of fun, but for some it can be intimidating or often too expensive. Why buy an EPS foam board with carbon wrap for close to $1,000 if it can be easily damaged? Enter the Wake Foamies. Constructed with a polycarbonate deck that is durable and strong, then topped with a soft EVA grip, the Mini-Mal is both easy to ride and can take a beating. Best yet, it won’t break the bank. $419.99;

ACR Bivy Stick ACR Bivy Stick Courtesy ACR BUY NOW ACR Bivy Stick

Extra safety is never a bad thing, especially when boating offshore and out of cell phone range. Combined with the Bivy App on your cell phone, the Bivy Stick allows for connection with a global satellite network so you communicate via two-way text messaging, SOS, location sharing, one-touch check-in, and detailed weather reports. $299.95 (not including data plan);

Nomadix Towels Nomadix Towels Courtesy Nomadix BUY NOW Nomadix Towels

Towels are essential on boats of any kind, but often they’re bulky and take up too much storage—and once those bulky ones are wet, good luck using them a second time. Nomadix towels are absorbent, quick-drying, odor-resistant, ultralight and easy to pack. A variety of sizes makes it easy to use some for drying off, others for clean up, and hooded, poncho versions for changing clothes in privacy. $25 to $70;

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Folding Wake Shaper Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Folding Wake Shaper Courtesy Liquid Force Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Folding Wake Shaper

For watersports enthusiasts with boats not equipped with automated wave-shaping technology, the easiest and most efficient way to riding large, fun endless waves is a removable shaping device. The Mega Folding Wake Shaper from Liquid Force is easy to mount and adjust, offers a large face for displacing a sizable amount of water, and it collapses, to make storage that much easier and convenient. $450;

Mission Boat Hammock Mission Boat Hammock Courtesy Mission BUY NOW Mission Boat Hammock

Most hammocks are too big for many boats on the water these days, which is why Mission designed one specifically for use with boats equipped with towers or hardtops. Simply attach straps to the appropriate points and take your lounging to the next level. $49.99;

Smith Boomtown Sunglasses Smith Boomtown Sunglasses Courtesy Smith BUY NOW Smith Boomtown Sunglasses

While you might not be ready for the ’80s-driven nostalgia of the Boomtown shades, you should definitely consider the benefits. The large, single-piece lens offers full coverage and protection from both the sun and the wind. With Smith’s patented “ChromaPop” technology on polarized lenses, performance is top-notch. $169 to $209;

Magma Cabo Gas Grill Magma Cabo Gas Grill Courtesy Magma BUY NOW Magma Cabo Gas Grill

Don’t have a grill onboard your vessel, but want to fire up some meats and veggies? Check out the portable gas grills from Magma, starting with the easy-to-use Cabo Gas Grill. If your boat is equipped with rod holders, be sure to purchase the available mount that allows easy setup for the grill. Now you can take that fresh catch and turn your boat into a dine-in restaurant. $229.99 for Cabo Gas Grill; $99.99 for LeveLock All-Angle Rod Holder Mount;

Mission Titan Fender Mission Titan Fender Courtesy Mission BUY NOW Mission Titan Fender

We all love getting together for a good boat tie-up, but they can be stressful. Wind, wave action and the occasional “qualified captain” can wreak havoc on our precious boats’ gelcoats, oftentimes pushing standard fenders past their limits. The 10-foot, inflatable Titan fender from Mission solves many of those problems in one fell swoop. Simply blow it up, attach it to the sides of your boat via included ties and hangout with much less worries. The Titan also works great as a large fender for your boat dock. $299.99;

Kemimoto Dash Pad Kemimoto Dash Pad Courtesy Kemimoto BUY NOW Kemimoto Dash Pads

Do you have a fiberglass console area where you’d love to place items like a phone or wallet, but everything just slides off? With an adhesive base and molded compartments, the Kemi Moto Dash Pad will store multiple items conveniently and securely. $33.99;

Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Courtesy Siren Marine BUY NOW Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro

Technology has allowed for a slew of advancements in the marine and boating industries, including remote monitoring of your boat’s systems. Siren Marine offers a comprehensive service where you can check everything from battery voltage and bilge activity, to engine performance and temperature, to the boat’s GPS location and movement, and more—all from the convenience of the Siren app on your phone. $796.86 (main monitoring device); Plans start at $180 per year;

Garmin quatix 7 series watch Garmin quatix 7 Series Courtesy Garmin BUY NOW Garmin quatix 7 Series

Garmin’s quatix series of watches have been a hit with boaters for years, and the new 7 Series is the best yet. All your boat’s functions and controls, not to mention charts, navigation, personal health monitoring and more —all on your wrist and at the touch of your fingertips. $699.99 to $1,199.99;

Lakes Are for Lovers T-Shirt Lakes Are for Lovers T-Shirt Courtesy Lake Lovers Club Lakes Are for Lovers T-Shirts

The Lake Lovers Club was created to inspire the next generation of lake lovers and empower them with the knowledge and tools to extend the longevity of the lake sports and activities we all know and love. Much of the funding for the Lake Lovers Club’s initiatives, including lake cleanups, educational materials and more, comes through the sale of its easy-going, fun-loving soft goods, such as the Lakes are for Lovers t-shirt. Check out the entire line for something you’re sure to love and wear proudly. $30;

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